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Ingresos Cuarto Trimestre 2012: € 41,9m

    El Grupo Keyrus registró ingresos consolidados de € 153.2m, un aumento del 11% en comparación con el 31 de diciembre 2011

    The Keyrus Group recorded consolidated revenues of €153.2m, an increase of 11% compared with December 31, 2011.(+8% at constant structure and exchange rates), driven very comparably by both activity sectors.

    In the 4th quarter, consolidated revenue rose to €41.9m, an increase of 5.8% compared with the 4th quarter 2011 (+4.9% at constant structure and exchange rates), confirming, as we anticipated in our previous communication, the slowing down of the strong growth experienced since the 4th quarter of 2009.

    Large Accounts activities grew by 3.2% in the 4th quarter 2012 (+3.1% at constant structure and exchange rates) and by 10.8% over the year 2012 (+8.5% at constant structure and exchange rates). In a highly competitive market, with strong pressure on prices, we emphasize our specialist offer in data management and control, and the optimization of the performance of organizations, capable of handling all dimensions, strategic as well as organizational and technological, an area that is a core preoccupation of major companies.

    Mid-Market activities grew by 13.2% during the 4th quarter (+9.7% organic) and by 11.6% over the year (+6,8% organic). This large growth in the last quarter can be explained by a good performance in license sales compared with the 4th quarter 2011. It should therefore be seen in perspective, and does not reflect the actual slowdown in growth of the Services activities.

    The Group's Large Accounts and Mid-Market activities represent 71.7% and 28.3% respectively of the Group's consolidated revenues in 2012, as in 2011, both sectors showing very comparable growth in 2012.

    The international share represents 31.4% of overall revenues compared with 32.0% during the 2011 fiscal year, Mid-Market activities being much less international than Large Accounts activities.

    The company's financial situation remains solid and the operating result for the fiscal year should be quite comparable with that of the 2011 fiscal year, in spite of a more difficult environment.

    Eric Cohen, CEO, comments: "Taking account of the current economic situation, with its strong pressures on prices, we have begun to focus on greater commercial selectivity and thus to concentrate on more high-yield offers. This will temporarily slow our growth, but will enable us to get through this difficult period with more confidence. Armed with our continuing investments in all the dimensions and problematics of information and performance management, we can in fact implement this strategy and set ourselves apart in this field from other, more general players who wish to establish themselves but with less specific, less complete competences than ours. "

    Keyrus will publish their 2012 annual results on March 19, 2013, after market closure.

    Table of breakdown of revenues per operational sector